Elevate the Basketball Experience

About the Game

"Hoops by Tissot," a collaboration between Tissot and Cubix, redefines basketball gaming. The game merges Tissot's luxury branding with an innovative gaming experience, inviting players to engage in a basketball game. It integrates Tissot's sports watch collection, offering players gameplay and a marketing experience.

Location: Germany


Test our Skill in Adrenaline-Fueled League Rounds

Advance in tough tournaments requiring heightened shooting, passing and defense. Brave extreme weather and toughened competition at higher levels.

Exhibit Pride with Hard-earned Tissot Timepieces

Earn limited-edition Tissot watches commemorating stats-defined milestones or friend defeats and broadcast your watch collections on social media.

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Our studio was honored to partner with Tissot, a global leader in Swiss watchmaking for over 160 years, to jointly envision an authentic mobile basketball simulation showcasing their elite timepieces.

The Skill and Legacy of Hoops by Tissot

"Hoops by Tissot" stands out with its blend of challenging gameplay and luxury branding. Notable features include:

  • Exceptional Graphics across diverse environments

  • Four unique courts to compete globally on

  • Challenge your friends on Facebook.

  • Play ARCADE with limited balls to throw.

  • Beat the time by playing TIME SMASHER mode.

  • Easy finger swipe motions to throw the ball.

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