A Blockchain-Driven Robust Solution

With DAPP (Distributed App) Builder wizard, our blockchain solutions company helps enterprises to hop on the blockchain bandwagon with minimum effort.

Get Your Business Powered by Blockchain Solutions

Simplify business and asset registration effortlessly with our user-friendly interface.

Party Onboarding

Utilize this blockchain solution to create and manage your wallet to streamline digital address management.

Digital Asset Unloading

Define an Asset by its unique ID, Unique Attributes, and the Asset’s Original Physical File, and the file gets stored in IPFS.


Leveraging advanced blockchain solutions, transfer can be performed on a digital asset or among registered nodes on the go.

Smart Contracts Templates

Smart Contracts Marketplace can list templates uploaded by other developers, and one can choose a particular template.

Drag & Drop Creator

Modify new rules to an existing contract using the drag-and-drop visual composer of smart contracts.

Transactions Explorer

Track people to see their transactions by transaction ID and to search by Smart Contract ID.

Smart contract template

Craft your contract or select a smart contract template from the available options. Ensure accuracy, save time, and benefit from secure storage and backup.


Upload assets by providing basic details, and you're off to a start!

  • Add a title and description

  • Set a price

  • Upload an image


Keep your cryptocurrency in your wallet. With Cubix Chain - a robust blockchain solution, you can always create or import your crypto wallet.

Crypto Transactions

Cubix chain’s transaction explorer shows all the details needed to handle your crypto transactions. Get detailed insights into your crypto transactions.

A Powerful, Robust Technology Stack

Our blockchain solutions company leverages advanced tech stack to bring innovation to life.










Witness the Amazing Journey of Cubix Chain

Experience how our blockchain-powered chain solutions can transform your operations.

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Cubix Chain is a cutting-edge platform powered by blockchain technology that offers robust solutions. It provides businesses with streamlined processes for various operations to ensure security and efficiency.

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