Happyforce - Your ultimate HR solution.

A data-driven SaaS HR software focused on empowering people and measuring performance.

Feature- Rich, Innovative HR Software Development Services

  • Time management

    Time log

    Track time accurately with real-time logs for attendance validation and monitoring of employees.

  • Employee development


    Enhance skills through seamless training features for effective employee development strategies.

  • Event management


    Efficiently manage events, assign roles, and support people-centric activities with HappyForce.

  • Leaderboard


    Track performance, manage records, and process approvals effortlessly with HappyForce's features.

  • Social media


    Stay updated on workplace activities and engage in discussions like social media platforms.

  • User management


    Empower board members with access control and geo-tracking for employee validation processes.

  • Shift management


    Customize work shifts, manage rosters, and handle rotations efficiently with HappyForce.

Comprehensive HR Solution for your end-to-end HR Needs

A data-driven SaaS HR software focused on empowering people and optimizing processes.

Time off

Make time-offs a thing of the past with Cubix Happyforce. The software tracks every employee in an organization individually.


With Cubix HappyForce, your decisions would be data-driven, and you can generate detailed reports with a few clicks.


Reach qualified and smart working professionals with our spot-on applicant tracking system.


Get custom data reports of employees, and all of the core data can be managed within a single HRIS database.

Performance management

HappyForce lets you apply a better and instant review system based on which employees get what they deserve.


Cubix HappyForce lets you automate the process of announcements and helps you plan the desired announcements before time.

Job Portal

Cubix HappyForce includes a job portal where you can enlist jobs, filter candidates, send invitations to potential candidates, screen in the finalized candidates, etc. Moreover, the portal lets you take suggestions from the people within the organization on whether the candidate should be hired or not.

Task Management

Every organization has its issues that need to be addressed and resolved. This HR software solution empowers the resources by providing them with a task management board that lets employees open an issue, discuss it, complete it, and close it after the task is completed or the issue is resolved.

Reward system

To take your organization to the next level, you have to make your employees happy by rewarding them with monetary and fringe benefits. Cubix HappyForce includes a leaderboard that awards and rewards the company's top performers, as suggested by employees and higher management.

Integrated social media platform

Cubix HappyForce is a comprehensive social media platform that empowers businesses with text, multimedia content posting, timeline management, polls, and messenger - all in one dynamic solution.

Transform Your HR with HappyForce

the War for Talent

Attract and retain top performers with an optimized employee experience powered by HappyForce.

Productivity 10-20%

Real-time insights help administrators and managers maximize workforce output like never before.


Leading organizations report recouping their investment within 6 months through increased efficiency.

With HappyForce, Business Success is a By-Product

Make your employees your greatest asset effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a full-featured industry-leading HR solution, some of the robust features of HappyForce include real-time time and attendance tracking, training management, event coordination, performance reviews, recruitment, paperless onboarding, payroll integration, and more. It empowers organizations across sectors with a centralized, user-friendly platform for simplified and optimized HR management.

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